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Editor Ferdi Stutterheim

Wide-Angle Rolleiflex
Start at № End at № Produced Name according to Prochnow
Filter size Taking Lens Name acc. to Parker Name acc. to Evans
W 2,490,000 W 2,493,501 1961-1965 Weitwinkel-Rolleiflex
model 1

Flat Glass
"Half Moon" under strap hanger
Bay IV Distagon 4/55 Wide-Angle Rolleiflex Wide-Angle Rollei
W 2,493,502 W 2,493,905 1965-1967 Weitwinkel-Rolleiflex model 2
Flat Glass
"Half Moon" up to 1966
12/24 exp.
Bay IV Distagon 4/55 Wide-Angle Rolleiflex Wide-Angle Rollei
Rolleiflex 4.0 FW Final Series
Produced Number Name Filter size Taking Lens Particulars
-2015 Rolleiflex 4.0 FW Bay IV Super Angulon 4/50 HFT
W-Apogon 4/50 Rollei HFT
Made by Francke & Heidecke.
Made by DHW Fototechnik.
Coded Serial Number.2
Aperture scale from 22 to 4
Shutter speeds scale from B, 1 - 500
Focusing range ∞ - 60 cm

Classic ‘alligator’-style strap hinges like 2.8 F. The W-Apogon lens is said to be similar to the Super-Angulon. That makes sense. All lenses were produced at the Rolleiflex factory. My guess is they are exactly the same, except for he trade name.


Features are described to distinguish between cameras from a single production run or in case of special interest. Back
The coded serial number has 7 digits, № 6036942 for instance. The first digit plus 5 (the key) represents the year of manufacture, in this example 6+5=11. When the sum is over 10, distract 10. 11-10=1. One has to guess the decade and the century! Knowing this number belongs to a black 2.8 GX, the year would be 1991.
The digits placed in the second and third position, (in our example “03”) are for factory internal use. They are called the Index.
The digits in 4th and 5th position minus 20 give the calendar week in the year of production. In our example the digits 4 and 5 are “69”. 69-20=49 so the camera was manufactured in the 49th week of 1991.
The digits 6 and 7 stand for the sequential number of the camera. In our example “42” means that the camera was the number 42 manufactured in the 49th week of 1991 with an index of 03.
For those who are interested: № 6036942 was seen in auction. It is a 2.8 GX ‘Helmut Newton Edition’ camera. Back