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Rolleinars are simple close-up lenses mounted in front of both TLR lenses for close focusing. In Europe Rolleinars can easily be found on camera fairs. They were made in three different strengths and come in pairs as Rolleinar 1, Rolleinar 2 and Rolleinar 3; each pair in Rollei bayonet sizes I, II, and III. You will find them in neat leather pouches. So Arab numbers refer to the strength of the close-up lens and Roman numbers to the bayonet size. The Rolleinar for the viewing lens includes a prism to correct for parallax error and shows a red dot for mounting. When correctly mounted the red dot points up. For the Tele-Rolleiflex Rolleinars 0.35 and 0.7 were made. The close-up lenses for viewing lens and taking lens are mounted in one frame. The Rolleinar 0.35 can be used combined with a Rolleinar 1, 2 or 3. For the Wide-Angle Rolleiflex only a Rolleinar 2 was offered. It is in bayonet size IV.

Earlier Rolleinars were made as three pieces sets. The prism was a separate part joined by two identical lenses. When buying, make sure you get all the parts you need.

It is not uncommon for the data sheets of the Rolleinars to be lost. Please find the information below and on the following pages.

Object distances with Rolleinar close-up lenses

The next table gives the object distances when a Rolleinar close-up lens is mounted. The Depth Of Field will be different too. Clicking on the camera type will bring you the DOF information.

Table of Object Distances
Rolleiflex Lens f= Rolleinar 1 Rolleinar 2 Rolleinar 3
Rolleiflex T 75 mm 100-45 cm 50-31 cm 32-24 cm
Rolleiflex 3,5 75 mm 100-45 cm 50-31 cm 32-24 cm
Rolleiflex 2,8 80 mm 100-47 cm 50-32 cm 32-24 cm
Wide-Angle Rolleiflex 55 mm - 50-25 cm -
Rolleifex 4x4 60 mm 100-47 cm 50-32 cm 32-24 cm
Rolleicord 75 mm 100-45 cm 50-31 cm 32-24 cm

For Depth Of Field information, click on camera model.
The Wide-Angle Rolleiflex combines with a Rolleinar 2 only. In the sought after Bay IV.

Table of Object Distances for the Tele-Rolleiflex
Rolleinars Rolleinar 0.35 Rolleinar 0.7
280-135 cm 138-93 cm
Rolleinar 1 77-62 cm 62-52 cm
Rolleinar 2 46-40 cm 40-36 cm
Rolleinar 3 33-30 cm 30-28 cm

The matrix provides information on using the Rolleinars 0.35 or 0.7 on their own and combined with one Rolleinar 1, 2 or 3.
Depth Of Field information for Tele-Rolleiflex.