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Some information used for this site originates from old user manuals. Copyrights were owned by Franke & Heidecke, later by the Rollei Werke Franke & Heidecke or Rollei Fototechnic. The companies no longer exist. As far as we know nobody acquired the copyrights for the old stuff after the bankruptcy of the Rollei Werke in 1981. There is no information available at all that suggests otherwise. The copyright of the user manuals for the classic Rolleiflex cameras seems to be without ownership. Other material has been in the public domain for decades. The Web-master assumes he is free to use this material. If publications on this web-site infringe on anybody’s rights the Web-master sincerely apologises and he will take the necessary steps to correct the infringement at first request.


The webmaster is not the author of all texts on this site. In some cases he is only editor of the texts and is author of the way they are presented on the site and of any additions and notes.


The information given on this site is based on experience and information obtained from a number of reliable sources. The site is intended to help you with Rolleigraphy but correctness cannot be guaranteed. The site owner and the other authors of articles published on the Rolleigraphy site reject all responsibility for the consequences of the use of this site.