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Rolleiflex E Photo Karl Keung
Photograph of Rolleiflex E. Note the exposure value (EV) numbers on the setting wheel shown left in the picture and the crossed slots (EV unlocked) in the wheel at right. The PC flash socket is fit to accept a sync cord with Rollei Lock tip.
Photo © 2008 Karl Keung. Photo used with permission.


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Welcome to the Rolleigraphy website. It is a private site about Rolleiflex and Rolleicord cameras. The Rolleigraphy Photo Gallery can be reachted through a link at the top of this page. The site was reorganised based on camera family.


December 2020

I have added the number of cameras that were actually made to the serial numbers lists. Sometimes not all numbers that were allocated to a model were used. Other number blocks were allocated to several models. Adding the number made gives a better view on production.

The number of intra-site links has grown over the years. I have had ‘referrer links’ on a number of pages for a some years. They could be found in the closing lines of that pages. In that place they were not of much use. I have replaced them for a referrer button in a fixed place in the lower left corner of the frame. For example: on the serial number pages I have added information about the shutters with links to a separate addendum that explains the differences. That addendum page has a link back to the page you came from. The button cannot be found on every page. I found that too disturbing. There are two conditions. First of all I must have activated the button for that page. At this home-page for instance it is not active. The second condition is availability of the ‘referrer header’. That information is at discretion of the site you came from. It may not work when you followed a link from an external site. The site administrator may have opted not to include the referrer header in the request for one of my pages when you clicked on the link. Then your chosen browser may not at all send referrer headers. There is also no referrer in case you yourself entered the full URL of one of my pages in the browser. In all those cases the button will be invisible to avoid a non-working link.

November 2020

New sub-menu in ‘Rolleiflex 6×6 TLR’. Practical Accessories with a number of new pages. Small pieces of existing texts have been moved. Rolleinar pages have been moved to the new sub-menu.

March 2020

I have simplified the Menu Bars and mended some links of the Crumble Track.

January 2020, December 2019

A page on the SL 66 Single Lens Reflex line was added in December 2019. The Navigation Bar Menu was reorganized. Most web-pages are unchanged but they were regrouped based on camera line. In January a have moved the texts on the Rollei 35 to a separate page. Some other blocks of text were also moved to a more appropriate page.

July 2019

At last I have added more images of my own gear. See the Tele-Rolleiflex and the Rollei Wide with their Rolleinars, the Baby Rolleiflex with lens hood/exposure meter. They are on the 4 by 4 and the Rolleinar pages.

May 2019

For Rolleiflex System 6000: New Charger D for high capacity NiMH battery packs.

Acknowledgements and thanks


I am indebted to my friend Emmanuel Bigler for composing the Comparative Chart of Twin-Lens Cameras of Rolleiflex TLR models and for his kind permission to use photographs of various Rolleiflex models. His photographs were scanned by M. Henri Peyre for his French web-site Galérie Photo. I would like to thank Mr. Carlos Manuel Freaza for his assistance with the paragraphs on the coded serial numbers. As a matter of fact I used a few lines from his hand with permission. On a different public platform Mr. Jan Böttcher gave me a detailed explanation of the mysterious ‘index number’. Thanks again, Jan. I have used this information to clarify the suitability of the Magazine 4560. I am grateful to Mr. Charles Lin and to Mr. Chris Protopapas for their kind permission to use an image of a Rolleiflex. Mr. Karl Keung gracefully provided me with a number of photographs of his unique mint 2.8 E still having the original factory seals. To all of you, thank you very much!


To the Visitors of these pages: Thank you for visiting my site! I hope some of my enthusiasm for the Rolleiflex cameras is transferred to you. In photography nothing is more spectacular than looking down on the screena of a medium format camera like a Rolleiflex. Also a Rolleiflex TLR is much lighter than a bag full of 35 mm (‘full frame’) SLR stuff. Some of you contributed to these pages by bringing to my attention all kinds of errors and omissions. Thanks for your mail!